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One of the largest projects of the famed Andrew Schlafly is his obsession with cataloging all of the words that he considers "conservative" in his essay Best New Conservative Words. These terms cover a massive portion of the political spectrum- ranging from actually conservative terms, such as invisible hand, free market, pro-life, and Domino Effect, to the ridiculous, including decrypt, Murphy's Law, kowtow, and leverage, and even some terms that would probably be considered liberal- Orwellian and traditionalist, for starters. In order to demonstrate the ridiculousness of this project, I will be starting a counter-movement, to catalog all new liberal terms. It should be noted that we seek to catalog all liberal terms, not just the ones we kinda like. Please feel free to add to the list if you so choose.


It has been observed that liberal words increase at an arithmetic rate by the decade. Or it will if we select the correct words from specific timeframes.

Word List[edit]

New Term Origin date Definition
Orwellian 1949 Condition of being destructive to a free society
Freedom of Religion The belief that religion should be the choice of its believer, and not of the government
Atheism Lack of belief in a god
Fascism 1921 A right-wing political philosophy incorporating nationalism and corporativism
Communism 1848 Political theory in which all are supposedly equal
Evolution Scientific theory in which life evolves from less complex forms of life
Pseudoscience Thought that appears to conform to the scientific method but actually does not