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These are a set of guidelines I try to follow. I will never get them all down, but I try. That is the important thing. These aren't meant to tell you what to do, though I hope you will carefully, rationally consider the ideas. Thank you.


  1. A person should live in peace with nature.
  2. A person should be able to live in whatever kind of proximity to nature that they want.
  3. A person should treat nature as an equal.
  4. A person should think before killing something, no matter how non-sentient the lifeform.
  5. Pollution should be kept to the minimum physically possible.


  1. A person should be able to live whatever lifestyle they choose, as long as it is not detrimental to others.
  2. A person should have freedom of religion, or non-religion. If they do not try to convince others of their viewpoint, others should not attempt to convince them of their viewpoint, unless their viewpoints are a threat to humanity, the planet, or they are trying to pass them off as science.
  3. A person should keep power in check by not automatically granting respect or obiendence to those in power, but instead making them have to earn it. In addition, any order that does not make sense should be questioned, unless it is a life-death situation and you don't have the time. This keeps people from growing to used to power. It also keeps people in power from exploiting others.
  4. A person should live a nomadic life until they find a place that calls to them.


  1. Every person should have a cat.
  2. Cats should be able to choose their person.
  3. Cats are equals to humanity.