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Christian morality refers to the morals and ethics espoused by Christianity.

Unfortunately, there is a certain political faction in America that attempts to undermine Christian morality at all costs. The main purpose of this group seems to be to support everything that is antithetical to Christianity.

The attack on Christian morality[edit]

Examples of said group's attempts to destroy Christian morality include:

  • Excessive greed and consumerism.
  • Putting profits before people.
  • State-sanctioned murder.
  • Extreme hypocrisy.
  • Hatred toward those who look or act different.
  • Putting the last last and the first first.
  • Making human beings "illegal" because they have brown skin.
  • Endless, illegal, barbaric wars for profit.
  • Torture and brutality toward detainees.
  • Cheering the bombing of helpless innocents.
  • Discrimination and prejudice against historically oppressed groups.
  • Sexist and homophobic violence.
  • Lying, cheating and swindling.
  • Stealing from the poor and middle class to feed the super-rich.
  • Denying health care to niggers, spics and other "undesirables".
  • Idolatrous flag-worship.
  • Supporting a "war" against a harmless natural plant that God created.
  • Lack of compassion and forgiveness.
  • In spite of these, and other things, claiming to be true Christians.

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