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Communism is a bait and switch scam. The proponents of Communism claim that they want to take control of everything and regulate every aspect of people’s lives in order to make people’s lives better and society fairer. However, it should be obvious that Communism has consistently failed to deliver on its promise. The promise to make everyone’s lives better and society fairer is the bait in the bait and switch scam.

There is definitely scope to make people’s lives better and society fairer. However, Communism’s promise to make people’s lives better and society fairer is merely an empty promise designed to convince people to hand over total control over everything and all aspects of their lives to the new government.

After any revolution to overthrow the previous order there comes a reign of terror. The new government invariably announces that it has discovered that there are individuals who are secretly working to reverse the revolution that they promise will soon make people’s lives better. During the reign of terror, the Communists eliminate their enemies, people who understand what is really going on, but also meter out harsh punishment arbitrarily to ordinary people who support the revolution and have done nothing wrong. This harsh and arbitrary punishment is designed to terrorize ordinary people to stop them doing or saying anything against the revolution to give the revolutionaries the opportunity to get on with their goal of completely destroying the old order and consolidating their control over everyone and everything.

It is not just Communists that implement a reign of terror after a revolution. The Jacobins in the French Revolution and recently ISIS with their caliphate also implemented a reign of terror. Implementing a reign of terror is absolutely necessary to allow the revolutionaries to completely destroy the old order and consolidate the new order without interference and objections from ordinary people.

Islam is really a revolutionary movement that, like Communism, uses force and aims for world domination and total thought control. Jihad is the revolutionary arm of Islam and Sharia Law is really designed to be used in a post-revolutionary reign of terror to facilitate the application of harsh and arbitrary punishment for ordinary people who have done nothing wrong to scare the rest of the population into going along with the post-revolutionary destruction of the old order and consolidation of the new order.

Once they have achieved their goal of gaining total control over everyone and everything, the reign of terror comes to an end and the next phase begins. The long-term goal of Communism is thought control over the entire population. After the revolution, the Communists make use of the total control they have gained to set about implementing a system of mass thought control. The education system is transformed into an indoctrination system. The media becomes a propaganda machine that feeds people lies and prevents them from hearing the truth. People are encouraged to spy on each other and the police are trained to root out thought criminals. Individuals who demonstrate that they have accepted their indoctrination are rewarded with a cushy job, nice accommodation in a city and a range of material goods to make their life moderately comfortable. On the other hand, individuals who demonstrate that they have not accepted their indoctrination are punished with a difficult job, substandard accommodation in a remote area and a limited number of basic material goods to make their life difficult or perhaps thrown into a labor camp. Under Communism, the quality of people’s lives is not linked to their ability or effort but to their degree of political correctness. The revolution definitely doesn’t bring equality or an improvement in the quality of life of ordinary people.

People need food to live. This means they must work for money and use that money to buy food or grow their own food directly. Communist control over the means of production is not used to make everyone’s life better, as they initially promised, but as a carrot and stick to encourage people to accept their thought control. In a free society, if someone’s employer requires them to do or say things they disagree with then they can quit and find a different job or start their own business. If someone is unhappy with the degree of government regulation over their life, they can buy some land and grow their own food. However, none of these things are possible under Communism because jobs are allocated by the government, people can’t choose where they live and the land, tools and machines needed to grow food cannot be privately owned. By controlling the means of production, the government effectively controls the means of survival. If you want to survive under Communism, you have no option but to do and say what the government requires you to do.

As mentioned, Communism is a bait and switch scam. The offer is to make people’s lives better and society fairer in exchange for everyone giving up control over their own lives. What people actually get under Communism in exchange for giving up control over their life is a system of mass thought control. This raises the questions of which type of thinking the government trying to promote and what thinking is the government trying to prevent, and what is their purpose for working to control people’s thoughts.

The thinking that is absolutely mandatory for everyone under Communism is atheism and socialism (collectivism). The thinking that is totally prohibited under Communism is religion, particularly Christianity, and individualism. Individualism means seeing people as unique and valuable individuals rather than just interchangeable and expendable cogs in a large machine. Individualism sees value in individual people, so individualism is based on love. Collectivism sees no value in individual people so is not based on love and leads to all sorts of evil acts.

The promotion of atheism and collectivism and the destruction of Christianity and individualism occurred during the French Revolution, ISIS’s caliphate and is also happening gradually under secular Humanism in the West. What is behind this trend?

Communism is one of several ways to destroy religion and individualism. Communism claims to be about making a better world but is really a ruse created for the sole purpose of destroying religion and individualism. The suggestion that the people behind communism are genuinely motivated to make a better world and honestly believe that destroying religion and individualism are necessary steps in making a better world just doesn’t add up. The people behind Communism are incredibly evil, as demonstrated by their actions, so they can’t possibly be motivated to make a better world for ordinary people. Destroying religion and individualism is the ultimate goal of Communism, not a way to make a better world. There must be some other motive.