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Hello, I am Sanity, a member of RationalWiki. I have read Conservapedia's article on Liberals, and the beliefs attributed to them aren't even worded in a way that I disagree with. I happily admit that I am a Liberal, and I do not see the merit in many of the ideas conservapedian conservatives endourse, namely making gay marriage illegal, making abortion illegal, teaching an abstinence-only sex education curriculum, and the Patriot act. But I am a fair man. I will concede to the merit of those beliefs, if you show me 100 people from any one state who match the following criteria:

  • 20 women who not only would not have an abortion ever, but also believe that they would want to not have the right.
  • 5 Gay and 5 Lesbian couples, (10 men, 10 women, 20 homosexuals in all) Who strongly believe that they should not be allowed to get married.
  • 30 teenagers who would want to not be allowed the right to a comprehensive sex education curriculum.
  • 30 OTHER teenagers who can honestly tell you that the only embarrassing or personal information a human being can have relates to terrorism, and so all objections to the patriot act's invasions of privacy and individual rights are made by terrorists.

Show me these 100 people, all from one state, and I will accept the merit of the Conservapedian gospel.