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  • God the Father can also be understood as God the Mother, as Goddess the Mother, as the Great Mother Goddess
  • Catholics already know the Mother Goddess as the Virgin Mary
  • Mary was a "Virgin" in that she was a lesbian, she knew not man ever throughout her life. But she had many female lovers
  • St. Joseph was a gay man who had a marriage of convenience with Mary. They were great friends their whole life together, but were never lovers. He also had many male lovers.
  • Jesus was a Prophet who established the Kingdom of God; but alas, after his death, his Kingdom was vanquished, for his disciples and their successors failed to fully understood his message, and the secret teaching of the Disciples was lost – but the Kingdom is in the process of being re-established through Latter-Day Prophecy
  • Mary conceived Jesus through parthenogenesis. This served two purposes:
    • To symbolize that while our physical parentage is binary, our spiritual parentage is unary (one God/dess equally female and male, rather than two separate and distinct deities one female and one male); as a sign thereof, it was granted to Jesus a unary physical parentage also
    • Since Mary as a lesbian earnestly desired to bear a child without any male involvement, and she prayed for this, and her prayer was granted to her. Praise the Lord!
  • Although this seems to us miraculous, it is known in nature, see for example the New Mexico whiptail lizard. In the Last Days, this will become increasingly common.
  • Just as in the New Mexico whiptail lizard, sexual acts between female lizards help promote conception, so was the conception of Our Lord Jesus Christ promoted through the Blessed Virgin Mary’s practice of lesbian sex
  • Mary was also a Prophet, although not as publicly as Jesus was. Due to her great degree of attainment in prophecy she became self-identified with the Goddess, and thus it is appropriate that we worship the Goddess in the form of the Virgin Mary
  • Jesus attained a similar degree of attainment in prophecy, hence it is appropriate also for us to worship God/dess in the form of Jesus
  • He is known as "Jesus Christ" on account of his high degree of attainment in prophecy (the Christ level). Due to reaching the same level, Mary his mother is also properly known as "Mary Christ". In principle, any of us could become Christ; but it is such a difficult level of attainment, that very few become Christs; among those few are Jesus, his mother Mary, Krishna, and the Buddha
  • Jesus Christ was bisexual, having many lovers both male and female. His female lovers included St. Mary Magdalene. His male lovers included the "disciple whom Jesus loved", St. John the Apostle.
  • Jesus Christ was a bisexual polygamist, having many wives and husbands. His first wife was St. Mary Magdalene, and his first husband was St. John the Apostle, but he had many other wives and many other husbands. Since Our Lord Jesus Christ practiced polygamy, we should follow his example and practice it also. However, while Jesus was a bisexual polygamist, his mother the Blessed Virgin Mary was a homosexual polygamist. So while all Christians ought to practice polygamy, they can choose between bisexual, homosexual and heterosexual polygamy, as their individual preferences direct them
  • Jesus Christ was a martyr of the Kingdom of God, being willing to die for the Kingdom, and thus to demonstrate to us by example the service we should be willing to give to the Kingdom. The true meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is to demonstrate the immortality of the Soul; that we all shall be resurrected as he was resurrected, for our essence is the same as his essence.
  • The Bible as originally written was the true Word of God, but the Bible we have today has been badly corrupted by false prophets inspired by Satan, and is more Word of the Devil than that of God; and many truly inspired books are missing, having been suppressed by Satan's servants. But in the days to come, God's Later-Day Prophets shall restore the Bible to it's original fullness
  • The governments of this world were ordained, not by God, but rather by Satan. Faithful Christians must refuse to obey them, but do all in their power to overthrow them, that they may be replaced by the lawful rulers appointed by God to reign in glory, the Later-Day Prophets