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Essay:Glenn Beck

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Now, before someof those far right morons say «Oh, you've never seen or heard him. You're just a liberal denier», I have seen over 100 of his shows on Faux and read three of his books (An Inconvenient Book, Arguing with Idiots, Broke) particularly because they are hilarious. Seeing this clown make an arse of himself. Good stuff. I believe him to be one of America's top conspiracy theorists.

I'll skip his childhood and stuff. If ya really wanna know, you can find it on Google. But before going on cable news, Beck was a Top 40 DJ playing popular records and cracking jokes. He was a raging alcoholic. He said in An Inconvenient Book that he just drank and drank Jack Daniel's whiskey so much that his first wife divorced him. He married again and gave up alcohol for good (as far as any one of us could know). He had a political radio show then and still does. He really wasn't all that biased crazy or cynical until he came to Faux. He had a TV show on CNN sister HLN (called HNN at the time) and it wasn't all that bad of a show. A bit slanted to the right, yes, but topics were things like violence in video games and how Beck said we shouldn't sell to minors (and I agree).

But then he came on Faux after Obama won and started the socialism conspiracies and the birtger stuff. He then progressed into accusing Obama of racism against white people and the Hitler and commie comparisons. Then came the blackboards. He got his ratings boosts by being an arse and equating liberals with totalitarians who want total government control. Really, he progressed into a complete mouthtool for the far right.

I hope this gives a fair bit of summary of this man, especially for Brits and Aussies and others who may not be familiar with this guy and to say he once was a decent guy before the conspiracies and Soros and the end of the world rubbish.