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These are the goals I want:

Major Goals:[edit]

  • Do a major check of our current and existing articles
  • Do improve our writing/cite sources
  • To update all of our articles with current information
  • To add our articles to as many categories as possible as long as they qualify for them
  • To categorize everything as much as we can
  • Model our portals after Wikipedia's portals but just with Rationalwiki and include WIGO for each of portals
  • After accomplishing the previous expanding our mission to include consumer rights issues
  • To create a mobile version of our website
  • To do everything on our to-do list
  • To translate our wiki into as many languages as possible
  • To make all of our High priority articles gold articles and possible runners up for the front page

Minor Goals:[edit]

  • To go more in depth on the on the 4chan Article
  • To improve and add to our Annotated Qur'an
  • To cite sources on our Lyndon LaRouche article
  • To MiST the Bible & the Qur'an
  • To come up with comprehensive interpretations, historical & archaeological citations, history, running commentary, point out logical fallacies and untruths in the Bible and the Qur'an