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Essay:How I Lost a Friend to the Alt-Right

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Back in, say, 2014 or so, I started playing this MMO. Basically, you'd be able to make games in this 3-D engine where others could play with you, you'd get game currency for people joining, make your avatar look fun, yadda yadda yadda. It was called "ROBLOX". You've probably heard of it. Fast-forward to around three or four or so years later and I was playing a game where you'd hop into this little chamber and it'd bring you to a random game on the platform. Made for a pretty neat way to kill time online. Sometimes, other players would be going into the cells as well to be teleported, and you could come in with them to go to the same place as them. I'd happen to randomly join the only other player in my server out of sheer boredom one day. The two of us ended up in some old default places that were abandoned by users who probably quit playing many years ago, and none of us said a word. Some time passed, so I decided to

And looking back on it, I really regretted not speaking up to him and countering him when he said those things. He was going through some emotional shit I guess, he really was. I should've been there to comfort him when he felt down instead of letting that extrematism get to his balls like that. Now he's probably out there someplace, being an Evangelical Christian of some sort or probs even in Q. I mean, once someone says shit about the frogs, you don't wanna know what the hell's been in their browser history. And worst of all, I helped him. Just tried to be the appeaser, actually promoted Veritas in his face, and agreed with some of his "SJW" points. This wasn't like Naruto and Sasuke where one was actively trying to protect the other. No, I fucking helped the guy. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I guess.

Needless to say, I haven't been enjoying Roblox that much. I've only played it like, what, once, twice, since then, and only because some close friends were on a voice chat or zoom playing it.

In the end, I just want to say that if any of your friends are exhibiting this shit, stop them.