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So liberals LOVE historical revisionism... Liberalism itself is NOT defined properly. If liberalism is about freedoms I am for it. I am a libertarian... I am all for freedoms, but liberal today means whatever someone want it to mean. For example, we all knew that liberalism was founded by humanists and atheists (mostly)... Now liberals have changed the game. It turns out Muslims have been feminist all along and Richard Dawkins is kicked out of a show for "blatant Islamophobia". [1] It turns out Hijab has been a sign of resistance all along. And that Islam is tolerant. Even though the countries that follow Islamic laws like Iran,[2] Afghanistan [3] Yemen,[4] Pakistan[5], Saudi Arabia[6] ETC ETC all have punishments up to DEATH penalty for blasphemy. In Saudi Arabia torture is common to force someone to convert back to Islam... And suddenly it is conservative and backwards thinking to point this out... But it's liberal and "woke" to want Sharia law implemented because we are "ignorant" and need reeducation. Same thing with Columbus, suddenly we discover that Columbus was a tyrant (we should have known this for years, but it is a hot topic these last few months), and that is it, he had nothing to do with history AT ALL... I as even in a twitter debate with people who pointed out that Columbus was not important at all because vikings sailed before him... Linda Sarsour and women's march celebrated a birthday of a terrorist who is wanted for cop killings by the FBI.[7] When a CNN journalist pointed this out, Sarsour responded by saying that the journalist was "joining the ranks of Alt-Right".[8] This is the problem with liberalism. It means WHATEVER someone wants it to mean. Islam is the opposite of freedom, but pointing this out has become associated with close minded right wingers, whereas this should be associated with ULTRA liberalism... Celebrating terrorists is suddenly liberal and pointing this out is Alt right... Surely, I am NOT the only one to see it?