Essay:Needed Constitutional Amendments (CorruptUser)

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Amendment 28 The rights of Personhood shall not extend to Corporations or any other organization. Corporations may not donate money or provide any other material support to any elected official, unless the corporation was created specifically for this purpose and only this purpose; such a corporation may not receive money or any other material support from another corporation, and must ppublish a list of all donors.

Amendment 29 The electoral college shall be based on number of registered voters instead of number of congressmen.

Amendment 30 All Federal elections shall be decided by ranked choice voting.

Amendment 31 Registration for the draft, if imposed, shall not be unreasonably discriminatory on gender, race, sexual or gender orientation. The right to bear arms shall only apply to citizens in or potentially in a well-regulated militia, including but not limited to the Reserve forces, National Guard, and Police. Anyone who is incapable of joining a militia, whether through disability, incompetence, criminal/antisocial behavior, and so forth, shall not have the right to bear arms extended to them. Eligible citizens must be properly trained in use and safety before being allowed to own any arms.