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Immigrant rights[edit]

All undocumented immigrants shall have the protections and a right to a fair trial under the Constitution.

A deportation shall require evidence of a felony with at least one aggravating factor


The copyright term shall last for 27 years with an optional renewal that lasts until 15 years after the author (or screenwriter/lead programmer) of the work has passed away.

Works that have passed the 15 PMA standard by their time of renewal are ineligible for renewal, and enter the public domain 27 years after publication.

The amendment applies retroactively to works created prior to ratification.

Electoral College[edit]

The electoral college is hereby abolished. Whomever wins the nationwide popular vote is the President of the United States.

This amendment shall take effect for the first Presidential election after ratification.

The 12th and 23rd article of amendments to the Constitution are hereby repealed.

Net neutrality[edit]

No internet service provider shall prioritize certain internet traffic over others

Abolition of capital punishment[edit]

Capital punishment shall only be applied for treason, crimes against humanity and desertion in times of war. All current death row inmates are to have their sentences commuted to life without parole