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Definition of Citizenship[edit]

Any person born to at least one parent of United States Citizenship shall be considered a citizen of the United States. Anyone born in the United States is a citizen, but the Congress shall have the power to make exceptions to that policy. The Congress shall have the power to define procedures by which someone not born a citizen may become a citizen.

Start with a simple and straightforward definition of citizenship. Allow Congress to make exceptions for things like children of foreign diplomats. Allow for naturalization, of course.

The United States shall not recognize dual citizenship with any other nation. For purposes of United States law, any citizen of the United States is a citizen of the United States and his state of residence only, and of no other power.

I believe this is US policy anyway.

Right to Travel[edit]

Citizens shall generally have the right to travel within the borders of the United States, or to leave the United States. Congress and the States shall have the power to make limited restrictions upon travel within the United States to protect their own security, or the safety of its citizens. The owners of private property retain the right to restrict access to said property.

Generally, the government can't tell you you have to stay in one place; you've got the right to go wherever you want in the country. However, the government has the power to say "you can't just walk into the White House" or "you can't go into this crime scene". Also, if you want to leave America, the government can't stop you. And of course, this does not infringe upon private property rights; you may have the right to come into my neighborhood, but I can say "get off my lawn!"

Right to Bear Arms[edit]

Citizens shall have the right to keep and bear arms appropriate for sporting or self defense. Congress and the States will have the power to require licensing to own arms, to limit the ownership of arms beyond those appropriate for self defense, and to restrict quantities.

Allow some ownership of guns, but allow banning heavy weapons, allow for licensing of gun owners, and allow banning of private arsenals.

Equal Rights[edit]

All citizens over the age of eighteen are considered, without regard to gender, race, national origin, or any condition other than conviction of a felony in a court of law, or having been deemed mentally incompetent in a court of law, to have full rights as citizens.

Once you're eighteen, you're a full citizen, unless you've committed a felony or are certifiably insane.

Qualifications for President[edit]

I can't come up with a good legal phrasing, but basically get rid of the "natural born" part, but come up with a grandfather clause so its not the "President Schwarzenegger" amendment. (Not specifically because I object to a Schwarzenegger presidency; I think he'd be a decent choice for the Republicans; I just don't like the idea of an amendment that would suddenly make an obvious candidate eligible.)

The Death Penalty[edit]

Neither the United States nor any State shall have the power to condemn a human being to death.

We can't execute people, period.

Rights of Non-Citizens[edit]

All rights except the right to vote and the right to travel freely are extended to those who are within United States borders, regardless of citizenship.

Mostly to insure the rights of the accused are extended to foreigners. I added my "right to travel freely" because I think the US has legitimate security reasons to restrict some areas to citizens only.

The Draft[edit]

The Congress shall have the power to impose a military draft, but the term of service shall not exceed two years, except during a period of legally declared war.

I acknowledge the need for a draft, but there has to be a declared war to make the term of service last indefinitely.

Election of the President[edit]

The Electoral College is abolished, and the President shall be chosen by a majority vote of the people. A system of "Instant Run-Off" voting will be implemented by Congress prior to the next Presidential election.

I'm too lazy to define "install run-off" myself.

Military Tribunals[edit]

The Armed Forces of the United States have the power to try prisoners of war and others captured during military operations. However, those prisoners are granted the full rights of the accused under this Constitution.

There's a need for military tribunals, but we can't turn them into kangaroo courts.

Reproductive and Sexual Freedoms[edit]

The right of adult citizens to engage in intimate contact with other consenting adults shall not be infringed by the United States or any State. Adults will have the right to use medical measures to prevent pregnancy or childbirth.

You can fuck any adult you want if they'll let you, you can use birth control, and you can have an abortion.

Ann Coulter[edit]

Ann Coulter is forever stripped of the right of freedom of speech. God, won't someone shut her up.

The need is obvious, I think.