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Before I even say another word, I want to make one thing painstakingly, irreversibly clear. I have absolutely NO problem AT ALL with legal immigration. I am proud of the borders, proud to welcome to this country a family seeking whatever they might seek. I have no problem with Uncle Sam giving a bit of welfare to a newly immigrated family while they settle into this country and orient themselves. Hell, at one point, at least one of our relatives were immigrants. My Great Grandfather came from Czechoslovakia to seek a better life for my newly born grandfather. The difference between my Great Grandfather and that alien down the street is simple and easy to point out.
I understand that there are a lot of arguments as to why Illegal Immigrants should be left alone, but after reviewing the arguments and the reasons, I have decided I am adamantly against ILLEGAL Immigration. One of my favourite arguments people pose as to why Illegal Immigrants should not be deported is that “Deporting them breaks up the family unit.” That’s fine and dandy, but did ANYONE consider that maybe the family unit would not have been broken up if they didn’t CHOOSE to come here illegally? What’s that? They can’t afford to come here legally? Well, too bloody bad. Welfare is for citizens who have a small moment of poor luck, and need someone to help them get out of a hole.
Consider this analogy, you come home after a long day at work, and find a person sitting on your couch. Your gut reaction, you shout at him to get the hell out of your home. He refuses, stating, “I came in this house and did your laundry for you and mowed your lawn, there is no way I am leaving this house now. Plus, I insist that because of that, you must feed me, speak MY language, and if I get injured, pay for all of my medical bills.” What would your reaction be? Anger? Grabbing a nearby shotgun? Whatever it is, I doubt you would be too happy. Ironically, this same principal applies to illegal immigrants, they come here, do a small portion of work, rape, rob, start lawsuits, and whine that their rights are being “infringed” upon when told to leave.
Which brings me to the topic of anchor babies., something that, frankly, pisses me off above any other topic. When the Civil War ended, the terms of surrender and reacceptance into the United States included, if my memory serves me correctly, adopting amendments 14 – 16 of the U.S. Constitution. The fourteenth amendment states that a person born in the United States is a citizen of the United States, meant to protect Blacks who, up to that time, were considered property, rather than citizens. Now, by abusing that principle, Illegal Aliens are spawning “Anchor Babies” by getting pregnant, and moving into the United States (illegally), giving birth in a hospital at Taxpayers expense, and once all is said and done, the woman and all her relatives are immune to prosecution because of some offspring. Back to that analogy of the house, would you accept a women into your house just because she broke in and gave birth to a baby in it? I honestly do not think so.
I also had the time to read an article detailing how illegal aliens are less likely to commit a crime than the general public, seeming to poke a hole in the “Illegal Immigrants are Criminals” mantra. The fact remains that EVERY Illegal Alien is, fully and completely, a criminal. They became a criminal the instant they stepped illegally across the border, they continue to be a criminal every time they apply for a job, they are still a criminal every time they accept a fucking Social Security check from Uncle Sam, courtesy of American Taxpayers. Illegal Immigrants, unlike U.S. citizens, do not pay taxes because they are unregistered, and therefore, receive, without even having to pay for it, free Social Security.
You read that right, Illegal Aliens, for the most part, do not pay taxes. You might wonder, how does this happen? The method is relatively simple, be paid “off the books”. The criminals congregate at a “Day Labourer Hiring Point”, have some scrub pick them up and take them to do a job, and get paid in cash. They go to a broker with connections to a bank, who deposits the money for them, and even wires it to another account in whatever country they came from. By doing this, not a single dollar Illegal Immigrants “earn” goes back to Uncle Sam. While the thieves do keep enough money to pay for groceries (which are mostly taxed), and they drive, even though they do not have a license, most of that money goes back to their home country, siphoning off the golden tit of the United States.
There is also the sad affair of the border states, particularly Arizona, Texas, and California. With the current laws, hospitals are required to care for every patient that comes into their doors, including Illegal Immigrants. The humour come here, Illegal Aliens, since they are not U.S. Citizens can claim “immunity” from paying the hospital they went to, therefore, the hospital receives NO income from tending to illegal immigrants. If the hospital refuses care, Illegal Immigrants can (and do!) sue the hospital for negligence. Just in San Francisco, last year, 27 hospitals were forced to close because they were unable to earn enough income to keep going, citing an inability to collect payment as their primary loss of funds. That means other hospitals become more crowded, beds become less available, and longer waiting lists for treatment are posted, decreasing the quality of health for citizens, both native born (to American citizens!) or legally immigrated. If you ask me, the best way to provide healthcare to legal immigrants is this, kick them between the legs as hard as possible and call it acupressure.
Even border agents are coming under fire for doing their job. The job of the Border Patrol is to prevent Illegal Immigrants from crossing the border, a job that, according to our current administration, was performed incorrectly. Two agents, Ramos and Compean, were on duty when they noticed a van driving off road across the border carrying 743 pounds of Marijuana. After stopping the van, the driver fled, and Compean fired at him, followed by Ramos, injuring him in the buttocks. The driver fled across the border, where Ramos and Compean had no jurisdiction, and the contents of the van were confiscated. Next thing you know THE ILLEGAL DRUG SMUGGLER FILED CHARGES AGAINST THE BORDER AGENTS, and THEY were arrested, and sentenced to 12 and 11 years in prison. During the course of the trial, the drug dealer was granted a total of 8 visas to come to the United States and prosecute Border Agents for doing their job. Does that sound like justice to you?[1]
The facts remain unchanged. Illegal immigrants are criminals, with rights above that of a normal citizen. Hell, illegals have it nice here. Come into the United States, if stopped, place the agents who stopped you in Jail, marry another illegal and have a child, get free health care for the entire time here, and be immune to prosecution for your entire stay, all the while receiving money from the government.

Javascap out.

This essay no longer completly reflects my point of view. While I still view illegal immigration as a problem, I now advocate spending to fix the cause of the problem (corruption and poverty in South America) rather than my original view of punishing the guilty.

Illegal immigration is still causing several problems, hospitals going bankrupt owing to their inability to collect payment for services, et al, but I believe that if time is taken to developing infastructure and beginning the process of dual citizenship (at the very least), that would present a more viable solution. ĴάΛäšςǍ₰ thinking of what to say next


  1. Falsehood debunked here.