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I just don't get it. Everybody keeps telling you that smoking and drinking are bad. You're assaulted by anti-smoking ads everywhere you look; even the cigarette cartons have pictures of mouths that look more like mutant aliens than people. Everybody knows natural things don't cause cancer. It's that car exhaust that's killing people.

Jean Sibelius drank. He drank and he drank until he couldn't drink no more. Then, he drank some more. And more. He smoked, too. He smoked loads of cigars. And he lived to be 91. He said: "All the doctors who wanted to forbid me to smoke and to drink are dead." (Incidentally, what a clear case of allopathic deception!) He happened to live in a small house in the forest, away from all industrial pollution. What does that teach us, children? The allopathic/industrial propaganda isn't true. We can drink and smoke all we want; nothing bad will happen. All that matters is staying away from industrial areas.

Marcel Proust smoke. It helped with his asthma.

Some of the oldest people who ever lived all smoked. The oldest person who ever lived quit smoking only after she was well over 90. Who know how long she could have lived had she continued using tobacco?

Tobacco was well known as an asthma cure. Indigenous peoples of the Americas revered it for its medicinal properties. The Europeans liked it so much, they called it the "holy herb" and "God's remedy". Jean Nicot, the namesake of the biological family nicotiana, used it to cure cancer.

Even the naturopaths have fallen for this massive conspiracy; you'd be hard pressed to find any naturopath that encourages you to smoke. "Naturo"paths indeed. They tell you to eat wholesome foods, but then they tell you to buy vitamins and minerals because "food isn't enough". Hah! As if pills are natural. When was the last time you saw pure vitamins lying around in the wild? These "naturo"paths foist pure substances (i.e. pharmaceuticals) like nicotinic and ascorbic acid on you and lead you away from nature. Single chemicals can do nothing but harm you. You need the entire plant, with its complex interaction of beneficial and synergetic bioenergies in your body. These pathetic vitamin "extracts" are useless. Bunch of traitors.