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PeTa, what message do you send?

A pretty piss poor one

I've just watched a video showing me what I already knew. Humans are not magically separate from the animals anymore that Dr. Pepper, despite it being amazing, is no more than a soft drink.

We are apes. I watched a video, a scene of which caused me to think more than your adverts ever have. The video is one produce by a stranger, shared in the channel of someone I respect a great deal, AronRa. I understand how closely we're related to chimpanizees, and was certainly aware of the mysterious missing chromosones, but this video made me think. In one scene there is a woman holding a burnt baby, and in the next and ape cradling a burnt infant, prodding it as if to see if it would come to life again. That's a pretty fucking tragic thing to see, on both counts, but it made me think long and hard about the relationship between humans and animals.[1]

PeTA often compares animal suffering with human suffering, but with the grace and subtlety of a h-bomb dropped on a convent. PeTA is not a terrorist group, but you'd certainly not feel out of place sharing a drink with the toy provos and toasting a terrorist attack, hopefully without ever truly understanding the gravity of the situation.

PeTa have done fuck all for animal rights. Well, that's not entirely true, but certainly your bark is worse than your bite! Pretty much all the conversations I've had with people, with regards PeTA, have initially been positive - based entirely on ignorance. It's a bit like Scientology, in that initially it's just a harmless and funny cause. Provide some facts though and people begin to realise how messed-up PeTA is. Ignorance is your friend.

Here is what you get if you perform a Google image search for "PeTA". Perhaps they hope that you'll spend less time eating chicken if you're busy choking your own

I doubt I will give up meat, but I will reduce the amount of meat I eat. That's not good enough for you, but I know it is a pragmatic and effective change. Already in the past few weeks I've been reducing the amount of meat I've been eating, opting for vegetarian lunches, and it's had nothing to do you, despite my being intimately familiar with your organisation. Videos like The Indelible Stamp of our Lowly Origin, and books from authors I respect, shift me in the direction of thinking more deeply about life. In comparison, what does PeTA do? you are publicity whores, nothing more. Perhaps there are some well intentioned people hiding in your organisation, but as a whole you are publicity whores. you make (almost) comical) complaints about names[2], and give mediocre celebrities a chance to strip. Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy seeing women naked, but it's pretty fucking tragic when a search for PETA brings up nothing but pictures of semi-naked women. For an organisation based around animals, why isn't there a single fucking animal in any of those images? Contrast this with a search for David Attenborough, a man who's done so much to raise awareness of of animals, and quite frankly you seem to be a low-grade porn site compared to his menagerie.

This is a real advert for Evony, and about as fucking subtle as anything PeTA has ever done. Adverts of this nature are proof that perhaps eugenics isn't entirely without merit, at least where advertising and marketing people are concerned

What is the point here? Get me erect in the hope that I'd bound out in to the jungle and throw myself in front of a hunter? Perhaps I'd have an erect nipple in mind as I dashed in to a Fray Bentos factory and saved a cow from becoming a rather convenient and moderately tasty pie? Take a hint from the adverts for the online game, Evony.[3]. These adverts were for a sim game based around castles. Initially they began honestly, trying to draw-in players to a castle management game, but this was not enough. The games began introducing women in to the adverts, initially in a fairly subtle, albeit big breasted way, until the advert was literally just a photo of a pair of breasts

Fuck you, and fuck your lack of respect for men, women, and the animals you claim to champion. For an organisation that has compared chickens to Jews, you've a pretty piss-poor list of accomplishments. My life changed tonight, but it changed for both intellectual and emotional reasons, and certainly not for the Speer-like crap being churned out by PeTA.


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