Essay:Soulja Boy is an Ignorant Fool. ...and Here is Why

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Apparently, Soulja Boy is going off on a tear about "racist hatas" on his fb page. Among his chief arguments are "Why would you 'like' an artist that you hate?" I would like to address his concerns and some of the backstory that has led to the current state of affairs:

Mr. Boy, the reason that they "liked" you in the first place was to gain the ability to post their displeasure about your ignorant "f*** the Army troops / go and be your own man" statement in your latest abomination against human culture: Be Real.

So let's "be real" for a minute here, dumbass. Your choice to exercise free speech by directly shitting on those who protect it for you is ignorant in the highest degree. Your inability to comprehend the mechanics of facebook is further confirmation. The racist comments you are dealing with right now are simply the lowest common denominator reacting to an over-the-top statement of yours in what is loosely termed as a "song" where, among other things, you define "being a man" with murdering someone in front of their parents and then shooting up the funeral.

You have locked down your wall so no one can post to it. You have someone sanitizing the comments on your posts. You claim that you have no idea why people are so "racist" and why they hate you. The simple fact of the matter is that you have single-handedly pissed off the largest, most heavily armed, highly trained and fiercely proud fighting force the world has ever witnessed by claiming them to be "less than men" (and women, by default) and then doing the oh-so-manly thing as hiding behind the safety of your facebook and Twitter security settings.

You, little man, have a lot to learn about the ways of the world and I know that at least my wife, if not countless thousands of others, including servicemembers of all branches, their children, and family and friends around the world, are wishing for a re-instatement of the draft so you can find yourself on the front lines where friends and comrades of mine have died to make sure you retain the freedom you enjoy and take for granted oh-so-readily. Shawn Dunkin, Adare Cleveland, Thomas Hewett and Matthew Bowe are four that I knew personally. If they could, they would have your ass in a heartbeat for what you chose to do with that freedom. You trivialize their sacrifice, along with all of the others, and the grief of not only the families of the dead and wounded, but those of the living veterans as well. Their ire, despisal, and hatred of you is well-earned on your part and justly aimed on theirs. Think about that.

Quit your crying and face the facts. You're jealous because even the wimpiest "personnel other than grunt" (POG) military occupational specialty (MOS) deployed in the world has done more in terms of courage and sacrifice than you ever will in your pathetic little life.

That includes the women.