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Caveat: let's be honest, probably EVERYONE here would like to see them on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, so maybe those should be exempt from inclusion below.

Add your favorites!


  • Something with Chris Hansen involved.
  • Dilbert (if only it were still on)
  • I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!
  • Jeopardy! He is an expert on everything.
  • The Secret Millionaire


  • America's Next Top Model (would make a fabulous judge)
  • American Idol (as a cracked out and infinitely more terrifying version of Simon)


  • Big Brother, to see if it's possible for one's head to explode from natural paranoia exacerbated by always being watched.
  • Lead on Jerry Bruckheimer's next vehicle, CSI: Wisconsin, where his counter-intelligence tactics would dominate David Caruso's antics on CSI:Miami.
  • Mythbusters, he could argue with Adam and Jamie all day I suspect, and hopefully end up being shot out of an air cannon.


  • Last Comic Standing, where he can showcase his hilarious evolution "parodies."
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force as Dr. Weird. GENTLEMEN!!!1!
  • Last Man Standing, to demonstrate the ma-cheese-mo of creationists


  • The First 48
  • 24
  • Gilligan's Island, of course
  • Love Boat

Philip J. Rayment[edit]

  • Science Friday (yeah, it's a radio show, but still...)
  • NOVA
  • Science Fantastic with Prof. Michio Kaku (more radio, but still...)

Ed Poor[edit]

  • Anything on LOGO television, particularly "Playing it Straight"
  • Sesame Street (actually, they should all be on this show)

Fake Shows[edit]

  • Look who's informing on the neighbors
  • Mythcreators
  • To tell the accepted truth
  • LGBT Match Game
  • Look who's informing on the neighbors too
  • Wheel of Communism
  • Concentration camp or not?: You decide.
  • The Incredible shrinking growing woman site
  • Evilutionbusters
  • That 1570s Show
  • Survivor: Conservapedia
  • Schlafly Doo by SuperJosh.