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Today was the day I visited my Grandma's house. It has been three years since I dropped by to visit her. For such an occasion, I bought her bread from my local market. The man I met there was quite charming. I would've flirted with him longer, however, I had deadlines to meet. I promised James I'd meet him at 2 P.M.. And besides, what would my parents think if I dated a deli boy?

As I drove down a side-road, I pulled over to look at my phone. "1754 Chestnut Ridge...", I thought to myself. I glanced at the street sign which neatly had the phrase "1754 Chestnut Ridge" painted on it in cursive. I reflected to myself, "Yep, that's it. Grandma Becky got a new sign since I last visited." It was those type of signs that were handmade by someone with love. You can say that a person's art can speech for someone. A factory made one just wouldn't have the same intrinsic care in it.

As I walked towards the house's door, I saw James open the door to greet me while a charming smile.

"I'm glad to see that you're home once again." James said with a warm embrace.
I smiled during the embrace, "I just wanted to see you and Rebeca again."
"Oh, I see you’ve brought a gift for us. How sweet."

* * * *

"So you said your name Alice?" Grandma Becky boldly stated while in her rocking chair.
"Y-yes ma'am. And I brought you a gift. I thought I’d share before I go," I said while presenting her a gift basket. I lifted the red cloth on top to reveal the bread contents.
"Oh! What a nice gift. Where did you get such a treat?"
"O'Brien's market."
"My mother’s friend owns that place. It’s a very nice market. When I was a little girl, I would always buy my mom milk every Sunday. I just wish I had a gift for you."
James gently leaned towards Grandma and whispered in her year.
"Startled, Grandma raised her voice, "Oh, we do?"

James left the room for a brief moment and arrived again with a tray with tea. While walking towards Becky and I, a black cat bolted in front of James.

"Salem! Please," James said irritated while almost dropping the tray.

Salem jumped on my lap and purred with total disregard of what happened.

While petting the adorable creature d, I questioned, "How old is Salem now?"
"The little guy is 15 years-old," answered James.
"He sure acts like it."
Both Becky and James laughed. Meanwhile, James poured some tea into a coffee cup you see at Starbucks. "It’s getting late, so you might want to drink when you get home." James said fatherly. "The roads around here are dangerous at night."
"James, it’s okay..."
"Remember the time when you tot —"
"Fine," I nervously smiled.

* * * *

I watched the full moon on my outside lounge chair while sipping Becky’s tea from her cup. I surveyed the tall skyscrapers that were still lit up with the human life inside of them. I suppose even in the most unassuming places like a concrete jungle, life can still thrive. I glanced at my red fern plant I received for my last birthday from Becky, and started to wonder about James. James is like a father to Grandma. Even with her now, he’s there for her. Even with their circumstances, I James still has burning fire within him.

While contemplating, I felt a hot sensation on my torso. That’s smarts! I slammed the cup onto the table next to me. I bolted to the kitchen like thunder. My chest felt like thunder. I grabbed a red washcloth. The red cloth was held under the faucet. The water wasn’t even running. I turned the handle. Three seconds passed. I put the cloth under my shirt. Crap, my clothes are hot. I took my shirt and bra off and slammed the cloth onto my torso. I sighed with relief until I realized that I probably just put on a peep show for anyone who so happened to be looking at my apartment building. I hurried to my bedroom so I could tend to my skin in peace.

I decided to leave my skin exposed to the cold air for the night. My skin was obviously irritated by any sort of cloth, so I had to sleep on my back for the night. Too bad I couldn’t properly enjoy Becky’s tea.

* * * *

I was awoken by faint murmuring and a slight sensation under my chin. My body was stinging a bit from the burn. Body? I glanced down to take a look but to my surprise I noticed greenery on my entire torso. Trees? What the hell? Two tiny me, one in green and one blue, were in between my clavicle. One had a stick and was poking me.

"What is going on?" I asked perplexed with drool on the right side of my mouth. The man in green pulled back with fear.

"W-we wanted to talk to you mother," the man in green stuttered.
"Mother? What’s going?"
"Well, you are our creator. After the great spill, you blessed us with the gift of life.

To be continued..?