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Essay:The Joy of Other Cultures

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Before I begin I would like to say that I ain't much of a writer so this is probably gonna be a really short essay. The other thing. I will say is that most of what I describe is based on my perspective and while it is short I might add more to the future from meeting many wonderful people. Anyways here we go.


Over the years I have meet many people in my life. Some great some not so great though there is one thing I have learned. That is that cultures are unique and very beautiful and over the years I have studied different cultures and found the Joy of Other Cultures.

The Food[edit]

I think this is one of the easiest parts for me to talk about. over the years I have tried many delicious foods from all over the world. Now while I may have preferences on which are my favorite there is no doubt that I probably would enjoy whatever I eat no matter if that is Pho, Perogies, Sushi or some other dish. This is probably one of the strongest points in my hobby of looking into other cultures. Being able to see and taste food that isn't just a burger or mac and cheese is one that always bring me joy.


Perhaps one of the favorite things after food is learning about the language. I think the ones that I find the most fascinating are the one that have there own scripts such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean. These languages are the most intriguing since they don't use the Latin alphabet which gives me a fun challenge.


Overall I think opening up my mind to culture has changed my life for the good and helped me be more compassionate and find joy. I do encourage people to look into other cultures and find the Joy in Other Cultures.