Essay:The path of glory

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I promised to bring Glory to Rationalwiki and I am a Man of My Word. When I'm done with this, it'll be a detailed step-by-step guide of what you should do if you want to become famous.

Step one: Find the right slogan[edit]

Everyone may add their ideas!

I propose slogans such like:

  • Babies for brunch, old people for lunch! Come on in and see if Rationalwiki can fit you into its progressive-ethical menu!
  • Didn't learn to do it well? Come to Rationalwiki and learn to enjoy doing it badly!
  • In theory, this site actually works!
  • Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy. With us.
  • When all else fails, lower your standards. Join with Rationalwiki.
  • Why be normal? Better be with us!
  • Reality is a nice place, but we don't want to live there.
  • Some have morals, but we simply ignore them.

Step two: (Coming soon)[edit]