Essay:Thoughtless in a day of action is what's happening to America

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America is currently in a cloud of progress yet its incredibly hard for anyone to notice. People refuse to do anything about anything except do things that they think. This has caused huge problems to this country and to the world.


Long ago, life was the same from one generation to another. People lives were the same for their kids and to their parents. But then technological progress has allowed people to increase their lives in fulfilment. Unfortunately all of this has allowed brain fatigue all across America and now people spend their days on Tiktok.

To quote a great man: "Thousands of years ago, people spend their days looking at classical art and graceful plays. Now people spend hours a day watching Tiktok."

Actions for change[edit]

Thankfully, this does not have to continue. We can change the way we think about life and thought. Ask yourselves these questions. Could I change my patterns to allow for more thoughts and actions? Could I believe in something more creative and beautiful then my narcissist soul? Could it be possible for ME to do good?

I hope that you will.