Essay:Why Conservapedia is Right and You Are Wrong

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If you have ever tried to edit anything on Conservapedia which has been deemed as "liberal", "close minded", or from an "atheistic" belief system and wondered why, the obvious answer is that Conservapedia is right and you are wrong!

Think about it! Why would anyone POSSIBLY take an encyclopedia THAT seriously if they weren't 110% sure that they were right? The only logical explanation is that Andrew Schlafly, TK, and the rest of the lads over at Conservapedia are simply right and you are wrong! After all, why would ANYONE willingly make an idiot out of themselves?


All liberals are evil. Conservapedia has spread that message throughout the online political community, and could not have done it more effectively. With Schlafly's outstanding debating skills, how is it possible NOT to realise you were wrong?

Of course, a simple remedy for liberalism is made clear by numerous suggestions from site leader Mr Schlafly to the belligerent, harmful liberals on Conservapedia:


OPEN YOUR MIND to a wonderful new world of RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN CONSERVATISM! Because YOU have been taken in by the evil, liberal media, and the only way to get out of it is to embrace Conservapedia and all its glory. Its teachings of liberal indoctrination are real eye-openers, and the preaching of Christianity is simply swell! If you have any problems with any of it, it's all down to the general close minded society you've been brought up in! Don't bother questioning it, like a filthy liberal, just accept it! Because open mindedness is what Conservapedia is all about! Being open minded MEANS accepting Christianity and conservatism as the one dominant ideology over others, and refuting anything else anyone tells you without listening to their argument! If you are a new convert to Conservapedia, opening your mind may take some getting used to, but if you study under Andrew Schlafly with his debating tactics how can you go wrong? Simply bring up something unrelated(even better if it uses Christianity) to destabilise the inquisitive, Godless and probably unwashed liberal to watch them crumble! It doesn't even matter if your point is incorrect, simply ignore the homo-loving liberal, and 90/10 times he'll go away!


I think I've made my point pretty clear; you're all wrong and Conservapedia is undoubtedly right. It's on the internet, and that's proof enough, so THERE.