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Forum:Captioning Kenny-style

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The rules are simple. Find an image and add a Ken-like caption to it. The more inappropriate, the better.

Why won't atheist Richard Dawkins debate Dr. William Lane Craig? Is he afraid that atheism's Twin Towers of Evolutionism and Obesity are no match for Creation Ministries International's machismo? Olé! Olé! Olé!
Prominent athiests are mostly considered disgusting or very disgusting or extremely disgusting according to a Creation Ministries International poll in regards to atheism (See: Atheism is a plate of sick and does not know it)
Obese atheists like PZ Myers cannot find a hand to beat the Four Aces of the Question Evolution campaign! When will they give it up and fold?
What makes atheists scared to concede the fact that Isaac Newton was Christian. Is it the fact he didn't have a weight problem?
When will atheist Richard Dawkins admit that atheism is being destroyed from within by the virus of Christianity?
Hurricane Question Evolution overwhelms the levees of evolutionism while atheist PZ Myers flees to higher ground to avoid debating William Lane Craig! Does Myers not remember that fat floats?
By sometime in late 2019, Andrew Schlafly will likely be slaying atheism and evolution on the internet with the two machine guns of Conservapedia's cp:Atheism and cp:Evolutionism articles that I manufactured. Atheism and evolutionism have no bulletproof vests, and atheism has already been shot dead.