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I am not great with anything computer-related (as evidenced by my talkpage and signature), but I did manage to make it here, so do help.

I have a sadomasochistic liking of the surrealism that is Jack Chick. One of his most recent screeds, the iconic "God on the throne pointing" scenes revealed God's face. It may not be earthshattering, but I would like to preserve it and possibly the original strip somehow to link it to the Wikipedia (and RationalWiki) articles on the man, without the chance of copyright violation.

Any suggestions?

The frame:

Well, the button marked "print screen" tends to help. But you'd have to still deal with copyright issues around Chick's work. I'm not sure what they're like, it's recreated so much that you'd assume he released it copyleft but I think he just doesn't follow though. Your best option is to capture it and claim "fair use". But for this, you have to have a very specific reason for using the image; commentary, satire, review and so on. And fair use is a legal defense, not a carte blanch to start taking what you like. I.e., you'd have to discuss this part of Chick's work in detail as there are a lot of files already claimed for his work in general. Scarlet A.pngnarchist 12:08, 10 August 2010 (UTC)