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Hi folks. I'm completely new to editing wiki software, though certainly not new to reading them. Just thought I'd introduce myself as I find myself reading RW every day at work -- so I might as well start contributing to it.

What drove me to create an account was reading a page with particularly cringe-inducing grammatical problems (which, ironically, listed grammatical errors as a "red flag" for quackery) and a bit of Random mid-sentence Capitalization. Hopefully such nitpicky concerns aren't frowned upon here.

Other than nitpicky grammatical concerns, I'm a veteran in a lot of the subjects RW covers, such as the theism/atheism debate and in combatting "Intelligent Design" lunacy. I'd like to start contributing some more pages on the metaphysics and nuances behind these debates which I notice haven't been covered yet (e.g., as a random example I checked to see if there was an article on transworld depravity -- a popular defense given by Alvin Plantinga to the Problem of Evil -- and there was none).

In any case, I hope I'll be able to figure out how to use wiki software well enough to make lasting and meaningful contributions; but even if not (or if I never find the time), I'd delight in meeting the minds behind my favorite time murdering wiki on the internets!