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Forum:No Stephen Lendmen?

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I recently came across a man called Stephen Lendman. One of those Progressive types. Albeit most of the stuff, older stuff at least, has him criticizing governmental actions. Admitably a lot of them are founded criticisms too. However i recently came across a headline about the death of a foreign president, in the video in it dear mister Lendman accused Obama of assassinating him. By giving him cancer........ In an obvious ploy to play to more wingnutty users of the internet. He really hates Obama. From what i have seen he might have started as a sensible critic, but went nuts with it at some point, accusing every move they make as the typical conspiracy bullshit.

To my surprise, there seems to not be any article on him on Rational Wiki. Just a rookie here so i am not entirely sure on how to make a new article, or if he is not an applicable target of skepticism. Cause personally, when the guy starts saying the president assassinated another leader by cancer tumors, then something came a loose in his noggin. Had he been shot or stabbed perhaps, traditional and realistic assassination, maybe there could be suspicion. But just because i disliked the guy down the street doesn't mean i had him assassinated when he ate very bad sushi.— Unsigned, by: Thorondragon / talk / contribs

Is this foreign president Hugo Chavez? If so, you could add that to Chavez's article. SophieWilder 09:22, 8 April 2013 (UTC)