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American Dad! is a cartoon docu-dramedy based on the life and times of Andrew Schlafly.

In order to protect the innocent conservatives and very, very guilty liberals, all identities are concealed. In the programme, Andrew Schlafly is portrayed by Stan Smith, who works at the CIA (as opposed to working in his basement on his blog, and occasionally at AAPS). His wife is portrayed by Francine Smith, who accurately depicts Mrs Schlafly as someone who stays at home all day, working in the kitchen, and who is less intelligent than the average potato.

Occasionally, real-life people have appeared in the programme, including Our Saviour, President George W. Bush.

Each episode features a period in Andy's life where he had to deal with pesky liberals, including liberal civil rights activists, the liberal media, his liberal daughter, liberal homosexuals and liberal, affirmative action African Americans. He usually "deals" with said liberals through the use of a firearm or by completely misrepresenting the position of the liberals to the point at which they give up and leave him alone.

American Dad! is aired in the United States on the good, wholesome Fox Network.