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Each year the English language develops about a thousand new words. The King James Version of the Bible contains only about 8,000 different words, and many good words have developed since then. Conservative terms, which express conservative insights, are complete bullshit. Liberal terms is where it's at.

Powerful, insightful new liberal terms have grown at a geometric rate, roughly doubling every century. If a word isn't found that fits into this pattern, one can easily be made up on the spot the theory is bunk you're banned.

New Term Origin date Comments
Cartesian Coordinates "Polar Coordinates" are a conservative term, as they were developed by the good Christian Conservative Isaac Newton. Cartesian Coordinates, on the other hand, were developed by Descartes, who may well have been a filthy atheist and who was certainly French Freedom French.
Muslims Muslims are not Christians, therefore they are libruls.
Expert Experts are dirty liberals, trying to force their opinions on people. While the difference between experts and 'the best of the public' is, at best, murky.... the BOTP are good conservative boys, and experts are scum.
English Calling the American language 'English' implies that American people didn't invent it. Liberals hate America and love to make claims like these.
Moderation Since the conservatives can claim 'alcoholism,' then liberals can surely claim moderation. Glenn Beck is an alcoholic.
Thermionic valve 1906 A liberal electronic device, used primarily for amplification. A bitter rival to the clearly conservative transistor.
Non-Algorithmic Randomization Algorithms sure are the conservative way. This unsavoury approach to randomisation is liberal to the core.
Rhubarb Crumble The arch-nemesis of the conservative Apple Pie, Rhubarb Crumble is a British dish and therefore anti-American and hates Jesus..
Fun No comment necessary!
Luxembourg Claiming this word for my own political ideology makes literaly no sense.
Autumn While good conservatives say "Fall," anti-American liberals will say Autumn, like in other countries. This denies God's beautiful implemenation of intelligent falling for leaves.
Black hole 1968 Pushed by liberals. Gets people to read their Bible less.
Football Atheistic British way of referring to "soccer". Even if one were to use the correct American term, it's still a socialist sport.
Free radical An example of the politicization of science by liberals. Radicals should definitely not be allowed to roam free, yet this term suggests that there's something "natural" about allowing them to do so.