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Fun:Ken Debate Challenge Generator

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A generator that creates random Conservative debate challenges. Is inspired by actual debate challenges by Kendoll himself (although some of them near the end were added by us). Click here for a new challenge!

Debate Challenge[edit]

Dear Anonymous User at a rather atheistic website,

RE: Your previous comment which I ignored due to the utter weakness of the atheist position and strength of the Christian position

1. You and your fellow obese Dawkins-worshippers at a rather atheistic website full of liberal claptrap that starts with an R are mentally incapable of find even one inaccuracy in Conservapedia's articles pertaining to the topics of atheism, evolution, or homosexuality, which were all mainly contributed to by me. Because there is no proof or evidence that any of these worldviews are factual or correct, it wasn't notably challenging for us to come up with some articles that actively attempt to offer counterexamples pertaining to these worldviews.

2. I bravely defeated Anonymous User and their fellow probably-obese atheists on the talk pages of the Conservapedia articles that they were rather expectedly angered by, plus on other places on the internet as well (atheism, evolution, homosexuality, etc.) Taking this into account, your claim that I am afraid to debate has no merit. I am apparently not claiming that it is in regards to my excellent debating prowess that I won so many debates with you folks, it is just that atheism is such a baseless position with a glass jaw - especially compared to Christianity, which, however, has overwhelming evidence to support it.

3. I met my goals that I sought to achieve regarding my participation with Conservapedia, the Trustworthy Encyclopedia. Anything else that I do further is just icing on the cake.

4. Encyclopedias hopefully involve multiple editors and personally, I haven't seen a single encyclopedia that I fully agree with. Feel free to whine like a baby at Conservapedia and find problems in it, but I really don't think that you can find any credible evidence that there are any factual errors in the Conservapedia articles in regards to atheism, evolution, or homosexuality.

5. I know that it aggravates to no end that I have met my goals and hereby declare VICTORY, since I have the ability as a Conservapedia sysop to block anyone who has the nerve to troll/harass me, and yet you still want to find fault in me. However, I have still succeeded in being more like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ once and for all, in that I have delivered yet another punch to your flabby midsection! You on the other hand, have also succeeded at being more like your Lord and Savior Richard Dawkins, in that you probably largely agree with his rape apologetics in regards to Elevatorgate!

In regards to all of that, I hereby challenge you to A SECOND WRITTEN DEBATE. In this debate, I challenge you to prove to me that atheism is true and correct (which you probably won't be able to do anyway, due to the inherent glass jaw of atheism), and once I achieve victory, it will all but destroy atheism on the internet ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

However, it will only be under THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS (in bold):

  • In case you attempt to martyr me in your anger as a result of my inevitable VICTORY, I get to bring with me a largely defensive weapon of gun.
  • You are to pay an exact total of $20,000.00 USD, which will be donated by a trustworthy bible-believer of your choosing to a faith-based Christian charitable organization of your choosing upon successful completion of the debate.
  • The debate will be written, and will be 25 hours long (which can be broken up over a 90 month period).

6. Well so long, you obese, militant, atheistic, and probably homosexual commie! Oh, and one more piece of Christian love for Horrible Anonymous User: I hope you go and kill yourself! Nobody loves you, and your passing will not be mourned! God will laugh as he throws you into the lake of fire, as you will finally be unable to deny that he is real!

DISCLAIMER: It's not that I hate you, it's just that I don't want you to exist. >:-b



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  • Do you ever wish you could get an idiotic and childlike debate offer from Ken? Try using this template: {{Ken Debate}}
  • If you'd like Ken to address a particular obese, mentally-challenged atheist gentleman: {{ken debate|gent=Dear <span class="myName">Anonymous User</span>}}.

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