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Law and Order is a television franchise created by Dick Wolf. The two biggest series shows in the franchise are the original Law and Order and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The purpose of the first show is to humanize the justice system, and get you rooting for the district attorneys and police. The purpose of the second show is to prove that a man named after male genitals and predators and who apparently spends 20 years imagining new ways for people to be raped can indeed advance both trans' and women's rights. Like, moreso than any other person since Susan B Anthony.

There are also a half dozen other Law and Order shows that are virtually identical, but they aren't as popular.

Things I've learned watching Law and Order[edit]

  • Even after nearly 20 years, the writers of the show still find new ways for sex crimes to take place
  • Even after nearly 20 years, the public at large still find new ways to inspire Law and Order episodes with new rape cases. Seriously public, what the hell is wrong with you?!
  • Criminal defense attorneys are all amoral assholes. Every last one. Even the Civil Rights attorneys. Especially Civil Rights attorneys.
  • For the love of whatever gods you have, if you plan to transfer or retire, just don't show up on your last 2 weeks.
  • Everyone is a liar that is hiding something. No exceptions.
  • Pimps make great police officers. No, seriously, an actual former pimp turned rapper became a cop on this show.