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You know the way that Lib'ruls often get you down, by scoring witty and searing points over you at the club? Are you saddened by it?

Then worry no longer!

Dr. Roger Schlafly, and his non-gay brother Andrew Schlafly have a new miracle wonder cure for this condition -

call it mockery

It's liberal! It's deceit! And most importantly, it's something you don't have to worry about or argue with!

Available from Conservapedia, the Conservative encyclopedia you can trust.

Says satisfied customer Ed Poor: 'Liberals kept saying that I was in the pay of Big Oil, on account of my denial of global warming; but now, after recognising it as mockery, I'm no longer distracted from seeing the real facts! Thanks, les Bros. Schlafly!

And remember, kids - Liberals always use mockery!'