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The flag of Glorious Nation of Soviet Canuckistan, eh!

Soviet Canuckistan is a country...somewhere. The former Soviet Union and Canada shared a common border of 1,253 miles - mostly polar ice cap and since there were several areas where the exact border could not be agreed upon, in 1979 the independent Glorious Nation of Soviet Canuckistan was founded. Following the demise of the Soviet Union it was discovered that the area in question was not claimed by either country: rather both insisted that it belonged to the other, so the status of the area entered a sort of limbo hitherto unknown in the annals of world history. It's where we still are. However, the recent decrease in the size of the ice cap [1] and the need to await the outcome of the ongoing international discussion in Washington D.C., Global Warming: Urban Myth or Communist Plot? has had serious consequences on the future of this nation, which is in effect the last Soviet from the former CCCP still remaining, and thus is, more or less, a Communist Plot.

It does, however, have a flag.