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As said on the main page, this is a revival of an old wiki named "RationalWikiWiki", which I dub The Old Wiki. The wiki had highs and lows (mostly lows) for a while before being officially shut down.

The wiki was started by someone only known as "Admin" in, and moved at the suggestion of Radioactive afikomen in March 2008. Sadly, this version crashed, and it was moved once again as a result.

Radioactive left after a user rights change de-sysopped many, and left Phantom Hoover and Nx as the wiki's diarchs. Nx quit and Phantom retired, creating a dead wiki. Arthropleura was made lead bureaucrat, and Phantom returned to prevent chaos, as Arthro had a user rights policy like post-2009 RW. This led to the return of the diarchy, until Arthro was de-cratted by Radioactive, leaving Phantom as the wiki's autocrat. In a desperate attempt to save the site, Radioactive cratted Theemperor, but to no avail.

By this point, Gooniepunk2010 and a troll he was fighting were the only ones left, with the edits just being trolling and subsequent reverting. Finally, the troll's IP range was blocked, as the wiki descended into inactivity. Conficker, a useful user who came out of nowhere, was given crat status by Goonie (and renamed to Punky McPunkerson) and the wiki slowly became active again. Punky quickly became benevolent dictator, and the wiki grew rapidly in 2011. The wiki utterly collapsed in 2012 due to constant server issues, and finally was discontinued in November 2012.