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Breaking theological news[edit]

  • January 6, AD 2008 (21:52 GMT) - Heavenly spokesangel Perinoel announced that a camel has passed through the eye of a needle. Wealthy Republicans in the United States are reportedly exstatic. The camel's condition is thought to be dehydrated and pissed.

Previous news[edit]

December, AD 2007[edit]

  • December 20, AD 2007 (23:45 GMT) - The Allfather, Odin, has authorized the First Bank of Asgard to assume the Creation Museum's $400,000 debt. A call attempting to get Christianity's response was not returned.
  • December 12, AD 2007 (21:52 GMT) - Heavenly spokesangel Perinoel announced that God has finally microwaved a burrito so hot that He Himself cannot eat it.

Old theological news[edit]

  • Sometime in the 1260's - Thomas Aquinas proves that it doesn't really matter at all how many angels can dance on the point of a needle.
  • Summer of 325 - The Council of Nicaea attempts to authoritatively define God, plus some other stuff. Opponents blow collective gaskets.