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Things my granny said to me:

(She was a matriarch of the old school)

Don't do that!
A general & oft repeated remark.
Never poke your ear with anything smaller than your elbow.
That's what started me on this page - just hurt my earhole with a cotton bud.
Do you have to walk around dressed like that?
Exposing more than one square inch of skin betweem kneck and ankle.
Who is this 'Enis the Penis'?
Genuine remark about Elvis (the pelvis).
Now he's a nice boy!
No he wasn't!
They're just girlboys!
About the Kinks (a 60's British group with long hair). Thought to imply that they were poofs.
I'll try some of that placebo (pronounced "place bow"), it says in the Reader's Digest it's just as good.
This is verbatim although I can't recall what it was going to cure.
Well all I know is (someone) said Shakespeare's just a lot of quotes bolted together.
She quoted in all seriousness a comedian - again I don't recall who.
If you can't say anything good, say nothing.
This was a rule for other people, she was exempt.

Not mocking, just remembering with affection.

Further contributions welcome:

Where did I leave my teeth? (Yup, granny was British...)