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CUBIC and SINGULAR thinking

Are both FLAWED!

Dodecahedron space time is TRUE form of Universe!


Attention SHEEPLE!! Ha-Ha You’ve Been FOOLED! Big Science and Educators INVENTED dis-info agent Gene Ray To make scoffing at idea of Time and Space As shaped. Gene Ray is harmless schizophrenic, victim of Projects MK-ULTRA and “Monarch.” I am the true High Pope of Sacred Platonic Solid Known to Evil Education as “Dodecahedron.”

Sacred Dodecahedronal Equation: 12 sides, each side with 5 edges, Making 60 total sides So 12 *5 = 60 IF bullshit quantum physics be not invoked (that’d be too Kent Hovind for REAL scientists like ME!) And 2nd law of Thermodynamics be intact as always Decay will increase in meaningless 60 Until reversion back to left-handed Amino Acids is complete and 12 sides, each side with 5 edges, is evident again in reality leaving only rational conclusion of Dodecahedronal Eternity!

Educators work their asses off trying to make you IGNORE Second Law To keep capitalist Brotherhood intact! The Illuminati/ Brotherhood of the Snake slithers into all realities. They add two more layers to the Dodecahedral World: First is singularity, then THREE-sideness (cubicness), then True Dodecahedralness. If you ever looked at the back of ONE dollar bill After you ingest exactly THREE grams of LSD You will understand keys to holographic universe in the All-Seeing Eye Which has THREE sides and a SINGLE idiot Eye! Brotherhood uses SINGLE dollar to openly mock ALL for idiocy!

If a man quickly eats away at the two phoney layers of the Holographic Cake Universe Then truth of Dodecahedronal Eternity will be self-evident in nature. This man will grow Dodecahedron shaped testicles Which SINGLE-minded women will be powerless to resist sucking! Solar System has 12 sides corresponding to 12 planets. (Of course Big Science chooses to ignore planets #9 through 12, which are inhabited By blue furry-cat Gaia worshipers) Each planet has 5 moons.

Not a SINGLE aspect of the Decahedronverse contains SINGULARITY! Yet truth is continually denied By baby-eating Einstein worshipers! Tesla postulated that dodecahedronal Aether filled all space But Einstein and Relativity was both INVENTED to fill public eye and destroy Tesla! Tesla was original prophet of dodecahedroness But now that I have installed a Tesla Coil in my ass-hole He lives through ME! And I will carry his message to the world!

Now go out and buy THREE grams of acid NOW! I promise you that you will never look at you testicles the same way again!

(UPDATE: Wow, I completely pulled this out of my ass, but someone actually believes something like it: Scroll down to the part where it mentions the Dodecahedron).