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Trollphobia is on the rise. Although exact statistics are not kept, attacks on those who troll have increased five fold in the past 80 years. Trollsecution is also aided by the ready availability of fire and acid.


  • Trolls waste time. Trolls are time wasters. The time spent responding to a troll is time that could have been better spent enjoying a good wine, sipping a good Scotch, preparing a decent meal, having a pleasant smoke or indulging in your sexual preference of choice.
  • Trolls are bigots. Trolls are not per se bigots but are happy to play the part of the bigot to get a reaction. Not all trolls are bigots.
  • Trolls are irrational. This is false. Trolls are not irrational. This is false.
  • Trolls are annoying. The whole point of trolling is to annoy people who can't actually punch you in the face. This is true.


Trolls come in many different flavours. A favorite flavor is chocolate covered troll. Another is butterscotch.

Relationship to bullying and other abominations[edit]

Unfortunately, some trollphobics consider trolling an abomination unto Jimbo.

Another is kidney-stone orange as in the Tennessee Volunteers uniforms.

TrollPhobia originated in Tennessee when their new hire, lil-Lane let his puppy-dog mouth overload his puppy-dog behind.

Troll abuse[edit]

Unfortunately, some people think it is fun to beat up on trolls. New legislation would make it a hate crime to call a troll a troll.

To View the Tennessee Volunteers Latest Trophy, view below.


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