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Homeschoolers Anonymous is an online project run by a community of former homeschooling students. While not opposed to homeschooling in general, the group advocates on behalf of people who were "hurt by certain oppressive groups and ways of thinking" in the homeschooling movement, including the Quiverfull movement, Generation JoshuaWikipedia and the dominionism of the Home School Legal Defense AssociationWikipedia.[1]

The group's stated objectives [1] include:

  1. To bring awareness to the suffering many children experience through aspects of certain homeschooling subcultures
  2. To educate the public about the inner workings and politics of some homeschooling communities
  3. To provide a voice against some of the extreme positions from within certain homeschool ideologies
  4. To inspire others to speak up about abuse and control
  5. To give hope to those who currently suffer from abuse and control
  6. To bring healing to those who have escaped an abusive or controlling home environment and provide new survivors with resources for developing independence
  7. To create a community of shared experience program

Homeschoolers Anonymous is a member of the Minerva Coalition.[2]

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