RationalWiki:Elections to the Loya Jirga/May 2011

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Note: This election is postponed, or more likely cancelled, pending the restructuring of user rights.


As per the precedent from the last election:

  • There shall be a period, lasting one week (168 hours), in which nominations for candidates will be solicited. Those wishing to nominate should put a subheader in the "Nominations" section with the nominee's name.
  • Only editors who were bureaucrats on or before May 11, 2011 shall be eligible for nomination.
  • Following the period of nomination, a voting period shall commence, lasting one week (168 hours).
  • Each voter shall cast one vote for each of seven different nominees. Candidates may vote for themselves if they wish.
  • A voter shall cast a vote for a candidate by placing his/her signature in the candidate's subsection. Discussion and comments are not allowed in the voting sections.
  • Only editors who joined the Wiki on or before May 11, 2011 and who are not known sockpuppets shall be eligible to vote.
  • When the voting period has ended, the seven candidates with the largest number of votes shall be installed as the Loya Jirga. Should more than one person have the seventh highest number of votes, a runoff election shall be held.

These rules are currently under discussion. Nominations will not start until the discussion has been brought to a conclusion.