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December 2010[edit]


Experts(!) at CZ don't know how to tell the time!img


How bad was the homeopathy situation on Citizendium? This bad.img


At last Ramadamadingdong is told that there is doubt "that you are, in fact, an expert."img Well done Howie!


Everyone wonders why CZ can't recruit experts any more. Hayford Pierce, Secretary of Citizendium's Editorial Council, declaresimg that anyone who thinks Citizendium's registration questions are too intrusive is an imbecile—and a cretin, too. Good thing that's apparently not a personal attack within forum rules.


The problem with making big plans for everybody is finding anyone who can be bothered doing themimg. You mean we have to do work?


All hail! A rather less Ullmanised version of Homeopathyimg is approved.


Martin resignsimg. CZ is too conservativeimg to get anything done.


Martin endorses RationalWikiimg as the place where problems with Citizendium can actually get discussed, as Citizendium is apparently too sensitive to tolerate any dissent.


Though Matt says he doesn't want to de-Citizen Thomas Larsen, he moves the thread to Non-Citizen Discussionimg. And nukes discussion of Tendrl.


Having spectacularly failed to take out Howard once, Martin threatensimg him with another round. When remindedimg that threats are a blatant Charter violation, he confirms that some abusive posters are more equal than othersimg.


Milton: Let's get this treasonous rabble declared non-Citizens!img That'll fix our wiki.


Matt: The experts won't write for us because of Wikipedia!img (Rather than Larry driving them away.)

November 2010[edit]


How dare the mere Managing Editor, the hapless knave replacing Larry at the top of the Citizendium, have the nerve to ask the Editorial Council what it is they actually plan to, er, do editorially. A dog, you hear me?img


How long before we hear: N or M didn't contribute so we can ignore themimg (By the way, we would sure appreciate it if you and/or Thomas Larsen would make a donation to our fund drive. Happy Thanksgiving!!)


"It has now become apparent that the Council will be able to function as planned and that the motion concerning Howard was an unproductive hindrance to our attention to other matters."img e.g., existenceimg.


King Martin speaks: This does not fall under the remit of the ME, and the EC would oppose it anyway. It is too serious a structural change to be decided lightly.img (our emphasis) Who crowned you, Martin? Later: Martin petulantly stamps his feet: "Shut up, all of you!"img


The Chemistry and Particle Physics of CZ spoof can be found hereimg


Wikipedia: "Except as described above, Wikimedia policy does not permit distribution of personally identifiable information under any circumstances." Citizendium: "Hey, let's just hand all our readers' click data over to Google!"img


"Right now, we are working on a means of opening another channel of communication with the Citizens -- we hope to have it ready shortly"img Quoth Hayford. i.e. one where teh non citizens won't be able to kibitz?


Tom Morris has had it with these reprehensible snakes on this reprehensible plane, and has quit the Editorial Council.


While the debate about debate continues, the homeopathyimg article is still an embarrassment and the healing arts workgroupimg<capture> is still in place, but the good news is Dana Ullman <capture>hasn't been around in weeksimg.


Good news: CZ has negotiated a discountimg for their overpriced, bloated, often unreliable hosting package. Will the donations be enough to keep them afloat till Sanger actually passes over legal control instead of a token pat on the head? Germany awaits!img


Most police states take decades to reach this level of confusion: Citizens can't ask questionsimg, because the answers will get deleted by the constables, so the EC has to ask the ME and MC to rule that the EC can ... oh, nevermind, here is a fun quote from Martin instead: "I will not answer any more questions and will ask the Constabulary to delete all discussions that in my view require open debate which is being suppressed here."


Citizens getting uppity and daring question Matt's infinite blocks? Delete the forum post. Then delete the forum post about the deletion.


Anyone fancy a police state? Whose idea was it to call 'em "constables" anyhow? Update: topic was deleted from forum. Unfortunately such perfidy was not anticipated by the author of this entry Cry2.gif Now you know why reporting on Citizendium requires you to keep screenshots.


CZ founder Larry Sanger rejects Wikipedian offers of help while also referring to them as "vipers".


CZ received affiliate money from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble for the last four years - but nobody knows who owns the affiliate accountimg or how much it earned. Missing donors' money and a lack of accountability revisited.


CZ started as a fork of wikipedia, but now talk of a CZ fork is high treasonimg.


David Gerardimg is mysteriously blocked for "gross misconduct", but hasn't edited CZ for almost three yearsimg and has never posted on the forums. That'll show him what-for. Was it his edit at RationalWiki, perhaps? That'll make sure the Citizens don't dare speak out of turn anywhere.