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December 2016[edit]

32Should whatever-they've-decided-to-call-their-admins have the power to block vandals and spammers without going through a lengthy bureaucratic process beforehand? They're considering the possibility, but... bureaucracy does give them an erection, so...img ETA: Apparently, if they do block a user incorrectly, there may be no actual way to appeal, as they never bothered to set up an e-mail or process for that purpose. Because the functional parts of a bureaucracy aren't the ones they're worried about over there.
22Now that they've given up the charter, how to handle motions? Anthony suggests a simple and easy method:img "Any member can propose a motion and two weeks can be allowed for discussion and possible editing. A one-week call can be put forward to find out how many members would be willing to vote on that motion. If 2/3 of the members who were active in the six months prior to one month before the motion was submitted indicated their willingness to vote on the motion, BallotBin can count the votes of that group. The motion passes if 2/3 of the voters vote yes if and only if 2/3 of the members who agreed to vote did so. Otherwise the motion fails." Peter likes it, but suspects "RationalWiki would consider it excessively bureaucratic." Yep.

November 2016[edit]

12Now, in its death throes, Citizendium suddenly has an Official Manual of Style, replacing a provisional draft (because Ro Thorpe says it's official now). Fun fact: He doesn't know that MediaWiki doesn't care about capitalization of the first letter, so linking w:the Beatles is just as easy as linking without the definite article, or with a capitalised one.
22Election results! No, not that election, although the Orange One got an additional line to his article. The Citizendium election, in which nine people voted to basically repeal the charter and replace it with a set of basic principles. What a waste of effort, that charter was. Oh, and they were supposed to pick a new Managing Editor but nobody ran.
22Infobitt is dead. It died sometime after June 23 (which is the date of the last screenshot on the Wayback Machine). Based on tweets by a handful of people, it appears it died around August or September. The last top news story shown predicted "First Women President - Carly Fiorina".

October 2016[edit]

12Another Managing Editor election in November. Perhaps they will finally level up in SimBureaucracy if they just keep grinding.

August 2016[edit]

22No edits at all on two consecutive days, August 23rd and 24th (UTC), a new first.
22If Donald Trump becomes the U.S. President and incites the nuclear war that ends us all, likely the only record of him on Citizendium will be a tiny stub article. As of right now, it is a single sentence, created by a single edit on June 8th, 2016 after he became the presumptive Republican nominee. Other "current event" articles remain almost as pathetic, except for a halfway-respectable summary of Brexit.

July 2016 to ???[edit]

22The election over, Citizendium goes back to its regularly scheduled inactivity and slow death.

June 2016[edit]

22Election results! 11 participants. Voters approved a referendum requiring a fully independent Election Committee with at least two members, so they may not be able to hold elections much longer. "Constables" are now "Moderators". An attempt to recreate an Editor-in-Chief with broad powers to try to spur CZ's growth received a majority of votes, but failed to clear 2/3rds and thus was not approved. So, pretty much the status quo all around.
32In a moment of lucidity, a proposal is finally made to close the project, without even holding an election about it. It is met with some resistance, and a vow to make the site mobile-friendly, which will of course fix all their problems. Stay tuned...
22ELECTIONS! Well, two accepted nominations for two 'Council' seats none for 'Managing Editor' AND referendums(I prefer that to referenda - so there) about exactly how to arrange the deckchairs as the good ship Citizendium goeth below the water. Incidentally- why are elections and referendums 'users'?

May 2016[edit]

12 Anthony Sebastian's obsession with the verified real names policy continues: In Referendum 5, he proposes an Editor-in-Chief that will have sweeping powers to improve the image of Citizendium! Literally the only restriction placed upon him? "[T]o not eliminate the verified real names policy, or to modify it to include anonymous or pseudonymous names."
12 Here's a question: If Referendum 4 passes, increasing the number of people needed to hold an election, how long until the site discovers they lack enough people to have the election in the first place?
12 Citizendium may never have articles on many important historical figures, works of art, and military campaigns. But thanks to the efforts of one very industrious new author, it will have everything you could possibly want to know about New Mexico state wrestling, sorted into handy tables.
22 Another election (very soon, anyway), another discussion about rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.img See the Managing Editor set up the election without asking the committee to do so, which is of courzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

April 2016[edit]

32Following in the footsteps of the very successful Citizendium, you too can have your web project improved for the bargain price of $2000 courtesy of Larry Sanger.

February - March 2016[edit]


January 2016[edit]

12Citizendium, the place to shove content Wikipedia deletes.img (See also: [1]img)
12Larry: "...then transitioned to start Citizendium, which is still kicking six years after I left." Yeah, kicking the bucket. He's currently doing some work for right-wing blogwiki Ballotpedia.
22Nothing of any interest happened since early December.