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This baby clearly sucks.
One born every minute.
—Attributed to P.T. Barnum... He never actually said that.
Never give a sucker an even break.
—W. C. Fields... He actually said that.
The sucker isn't a mammoth, the sucker won't go extinct.
—S. Mavrodi... He confirmed saying that

"Sucker" is a term used to refer to lollipops, a sasal shootWikipedia in botany, a fish in the family Catostomidae,Wikipedia or a part of a cephalopod limbWikipedia in anatomy. The term also refers to a gullible person, or a person who can, without batting an eyelash, swallow a load of bullshit whole. Suckers' most significant function in the world is to form a base of support for numerous quacks, cranks, and/or politicians.

Not to be confused with a sucker punch.


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