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It has been an eventful year for RationalWiki! We have newly upgraded and optimized servers, upgraded software, and new process work flows that should keep us humming. But what I really want to talk to you about this year is lawsuits!

This year, we had a record breaking 33 lawsuit threats, 6 death threats, and 2 cease and desist letters. This is cause for celebration! Why would I say this? It is because we work! These lawsuits are coming from people who do real world harm. Whether someone who sells stickers to cure cancer or peddles doomsday predictions for attention while harassing scientists and calling for insurrection, there is real potential for harm.

The internet is a vast place and the sheer amount of misleading, false, and downright destructive information is overwhelming. Because of YOUR content, YOUR effort and YOUR support we are often the ONLY source of critical information for thousands of people, ideas and products. And we show up first on search engine rankings and help provide real information to people every day. If we didn't work I would not have all these fun e-mails in our in-box. Never doubt that you are doing good work.

At the end of the day it is not about the lawsuits. It’s the other e-mails I get. The 16-year-old kid who started out hating us, who has learned to think and analyze, and who has found community and solace to help overcome oppressive situations at home. Who is finally excited to go to college! Or the man who e-mailed to let us know that, while his wife won’t give up her "holistic therapy", he convinced her to add conventional medical treatment for her cancer because of our articles. Because of you, we are shaping and saving lives.

But we also need your direct support. To keep our missions going, to keep being a major source of critical- and evidence-based thinking in a world seemingly devoid of it, we need you to toss us a few bucks. All your support goes directly to keeping the website up and operational. Thank you to everyone who helps us build!

And here is looking to another 30 lawsuit threats next year!


Trent Toulouse

Operations Manager for Rational Media Foundation

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