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Improving article[edit]

I wrote this. So I know some of what's wrong with it.

  1. The introduction tries to be comprehensible and comprehensive. It doesn't try to be entertaining. It really should.
  2. It somewhat confuses issues about third-world and first-world child labour.
  3. There's probably more to be said about why children in the west should allegedly work, getting into the whole thing about how schools indoctrinate children with liberal values when they should be learning how to work for a living, understanding competition, getting up in the morning, dressing smartly, etc (even though it doesn't exactly take long to learn how to do most minimum-wage jobs, and your boss probably won't reward your ideas on transforming the business).
  4. There's definitely more to be said about child slavery, prostitution, etc. But maybe not here.
  5. It mentions child actors, etc, but doesn't say anything substantive.
  6. More sources from the more reputable right-wing wacko nutjobs would be good.
  7. Copy editing/British vs American English. Sorry.

Thanks Annquin (talk) 17:26, 24 February 2016 (UTC)