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Why doesn't it occur to anyone to just make it so you can only use vouchers with secular schools? Make the parents who want to send their kids to religious schools pay out of pocket or get a private scholarship! The Ultimate Warrior (talk) 03:54, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

The Danish system uses a variant of this: You simply can't teach creationism and similar crap at your religious school and still be eligible for funding - oh, and you can't extract any profits from the school either, btw. Denmark has a lot of religious schools, but these have mostly been founded as non-conformist (i.e. non-Church of DenmarkWikipedia Protestant ones and there never seems to have developed the notion that you can't be a good Christian unless you subscribe to various forms of denialism or want to run society as some sort of dominionist theocracy. I haven't checked, but I don't think you'd be allowed to run a school teaching creationism in Denmark, because it would be considered incompatible with, well, education. Private schools suspected of not living up to educational standards will face strict supervision and the risk of losing their state subsidies, but I've only heard of one or two Muslim schools which were subjected to such supervision. Again, tolerance of denialism is pretty minimal, even among religious private schools. ScepticWombat (talk) 22:07, 13 January 2015 (UTC)

Charter Schools[edit]

Perhaps the article should include some information about the role of (mostly secular) charter schools in the "school choice" debate. They seem to be a hotter topic now than even vouchers, particularly with Donald Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education in the US. It's an issue where I'm personally conflicted, and if someone who knows more about the topic could contribute, it would be much appreciated. Unicursal User Red on Black.pngThe One They Call MarsMars Symbol User Black on Red.png 06:55, 11 January 2017 (UTC)