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I don't think quoting Pinker verbatim is exactly the best idea[edit]

Especially with claims that starts with "it's obvious that most people".
Like.. I have nothing against the Cognitive differences between sexes article, but even the most statistically significant finding is (rightfully!) nothing in layman's terms if the effect size is very small. Because it's either shrugging them off as counting angels on pinheads, or arguing that the "Women Drivers" stereotype has indeed a non-trivial amount of *biological* truth behind.

And also reporting sexuality as "involuntary, immutable, and fixed at birth" seems pretty cringe tbh. Not just in a slightly tone-deaf (curiosity bla bla questioning bla bla fluidity) and imprecise way, but even somewhat into the scientific merits. --Mirh (talk) 03:09, 10 April 2024 (UTC)