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If this is your first time here please read the descriptions at the bottom of the page for the definitions of the characteristics we are looking for and some hints on how to assess them in the article presented.

The Article of the Weak is an interactive feature. It is intended to build a searchable archive of wackaloonery wingnuttery articles that represent fringe views. We provide a link to the thing we consider to be lunacy, along with mainstream resources for comparison. In order to help create a useful archive of articles, we have chosen various characteristics common to non-mainstream thought and biased, irrational writing.

To help us with this project, please review the Article of the Weak, and the alternate resources presented. Rate the article based on how much of each of these characteristics it contains. Some traits are better categorized as present or absent and can be selected using the checkboxes below. You can join in the discussion by using the comments section as well. Note that the "Rate" and "Comment" sections are separate submissions, and that the rating scale is 0-10. You can enter your ratings by using the nifty slider bars or by entering a number directly in the boxes to their right.