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Stop hand.png You have been blocked for 1 hour.

You will be unblocked automatically at around 00:40, 2 July 2022 (CDT). You won't able to make any edits until that time. --{{{3}}}

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This template is used to alert users that they have been blocked for some time. The first (optional) parameter is the block time, which defaults to one hour; replace it with the actual block time, such as "42 hours" or "69 days". The second parameter must be filled in with five (not four) tildes, to add a timestamp from which the time at which the block expires is calculated. To avoid vandalism, this template is best substituted, i.e. called with {{subst:BlockNotice|42 hours|~~~~~}}. Use the second parameter to add your signature with the well-known four tildes: ~~~~.

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