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This template has a sandbox (edit) for editors to experiment.

Quote box using the style of the Lenski affair.


The template has a single parameter for the text, so just use it as {{QuoteBox|Example Text!}} to get

Example Text!

If it is part of a conversation you can have a reply: {{QuoteBox|Example Text!|reply=1}} to get

Example Text!

{{QuoteBox|Example Text!|reply=2}} to get

Example Text!

{{QuoteBox|Example Text!|reply=3}} to get

Example Text!

{{QuoteBox|Example Text!|reply=4}} to get

Example Text!

{{QuoteBox|Example Text!|reply=5}} to get

Example Text!

{{QuoteBox|Example Text!|reply=6}} to get

Example Text!

Width and placement

By default, the quote box is sized for full surrounding width. The width= parameter can be used to reduce the width, but usually full width is good.

For use on top of an article (when the quote contains too many lines for Template:Cquote to show them nicely), instead adding top=1 will fix the right-hand size so the background color doesn't overlap image or navbar with the usual size.

{{QuoteBox|Example Text!|top=1}} gives

Example Text!

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